About Me

Hi there! And welcome to Tea and all things bookish.

My name is Irene and, I bet you guessed it, I like reading. And tea. Other things I like, in no particular order, are strawberries, hiking, pizza, travelling, ice-cream, and watching films. And The Big Bang Theory.

In case you’re wondering, I was born in Tenerife (Spain) thirty-something years ago. After having studied and/or worked in several European countries I now live in Switzerland and am currently a stay-at-hom mam of two toddlers. The days are crazy around here but I might have been crazier asI decided that this was the perfect moment in life to reeducate myself by reading as much as I could, particularly classics. I wanted to keep track of this journey and record my thoughts and ideas as I read and read, and so Tea and all things bookish was born.

I hope you enjoy it and stay a while!