A book and a rose: celebrating World Book Day

Apparently today is World Book Day. I didn’t know but I just learnt it from this post at Book Tapestry – an insightful blog mostly about classics. What I knew was that 23rd April is the día del libro (book day) in Spain. I guess that the bit I didn’t know was that this celebration had become global.

I remember when I was at school and every year on 23rd April we would be taken to the school library where we could buy books at a discounted price (it was usually 10% discount, so nothing big but still better than nothing). In fact, I don’t really remember going to the school library for anything else, which is actually consistent with the fact that Spain is not much of a reading country. And that, in turn, makes it funny that such World Book Day has been observed for so long in Spain.

Besides the possibility of buying books with a discount at most book shops on this day (or week, as retailers try to make to most of this date to sell as many books as possible), there are usually readings and book fairs across the country around this time. And the people in Catalonia (a region in the northeast of Spain) have a rather cute tradition for this day: they present the person (or persons) they love with a book and a rose. How nice is that? While I never got any rose on this day – I didn’t live in Catalonia after all – I used to get some book from my aunties, which was nice enough.

No roses but tulips around here.

And keeping up with nice bookish things, Amazon is giving away nine Kindle books from around the world for free. So, if you have a kindle (which I don’t) you may want to profit from this offer to expand your literary horizons. Just click here and see if you like them (again, I learnt about this great offer from Book Tapestry).

And that’s all for today! I am actually curious, did you know about this day? Do you celebrate Book day in your country?