Five on Friday: words to live by

Happy Friday to you all! I don’t know about you but we’re having an amazing weather here in Switzerland this week. The days are so sunny and warm that it feels more like summer than spring. And that means plenty of time outside, so I won’t linger around here too long.

I have taken up bullet journaling earlier this week and so far it’s been so much fun. I’ve been gathering quotes I have been collecting over the years, and which I have scattered over a handful of notebooks, to put them together in a collection with beautiful handwriting, cute doodles and all that jazz. Perhaps one day I’ll feel confident enough to do a five on Friday post with my favourite pages of my BuJo, who knows. But today I’m bringing you my most beloved quotes. And because these words are powerful enough, I don’t think I need to say no more in here, except that I would love to read about your favourite quotes and words in the comments. And again, happy Friday!












2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: words to live by

    1. Thanks! Funny, I usually think about the first quote in the evenings when I finally get some time on my own. And then I like to think that in spite of everything that has gone amiss during the day, it’s been a beautiful day 🙂

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