Five on Friday: my favourite Disney films

TGIF, guys!

This week has been exhausting. I have been alone with the toddlers and the longer days combined with their increased curiosity and unlimited mobility have totally crushed me. Seriously, some days I would be putting my eldest daughter to bed after the little boy was already sleeping in his crib and I would be asleep before her. At 9ish pm! So you get an idea of how tired I am by now; I can’t hardly wait till my boyfriend is back tomorrow night.

Nevertheless, it’s been a great week. The weather has been incredibly nice so we have been doing lots of outdoorsy things, including a picnic in the park, a shopping trip to Germany (with ice-cream for lunch), and dinners al fresco on our terrace. I could have gone the easy way and watched lots of telly instead but I was hoping that all that activity would tire them enough to sleep through the night. And it’s worked! Plus it’s been lots of fun. But as you can imagine I haven’t had that much time for anything: I haven’t read more than 100 pages, I haven’t written much and I totally neglected everything blogging-related. Still, here’s a quick Five on Friday post with my favourite Disney films – the perfect end to my children-centered week.


The Little Mermaid (1989)


This one was my childhood favourite. Perhaps the only reason why I prefer it to other blockbusters like The Lion King is because I had this one on VHS and I could watch it over and over and over again. I haven’t seen it in a while now, but I still remember all the songs and I’m almost sure I would still love it if I watched it again today.


The Beauty and the Beast (1991)


I think this one was one of the first films I ever watched at the cinema and I loved it. I also had the sticker album and managed to collect all of them. Many years later I got The Beaty and the Beast DVD as a Christmas present and it made me very happy. I have been watching it recently with my daughter and I’m happy to say that this film has really stood the test of time. Gaston’s remarks concerning women’s literacy and the dangers of thinking are just hilarious.


Frozen (2013)


Three years ago I turned thirty in style: sick to my stomach with pregnancy’s first trimester nausea and watching Frozen for the first time on my laptop because I just couldn’t bear to do anything else. Well, at least I found out why Frozen is everybody’s darling these days. It is such a good film! The animation is really outstanding and the story is totally heart-warming. Plus there’s Olaf, the cutest snowman ever. Enough said.


Zootopia (2016)


It must be one of life’s laws that we keep up with Disney’s film releases until we become teenagers or tweenies. We then forget about everything Disney until we have children of our own. It has been at least my case. I could tell you all the films that came out in the 90s but I have no idea of what happened after Hercules. But now I’m back on track and I can tell you every film that Disney or Pixar has made in the last couple of years (I’m also catching up on everything in between).

Zootopia is one Disney’s latest films and it has quickly become one of my favourites. What’s not to love about it? There are all sort of cute and exotic animals, a detectivesque story and a city where everything is possible. And it has one of the most positive message a children’s film could have.


Lilo & Stitch (2002)


Lilo & Stitch is one of Disney’s most underrated films. A pity, because it is such a funny one. There’s Lilo, a lonely girl obsessed with Elvis Presley, and there’s Stitch, a genetical experiment that accidentally lands on Earth when trying to escape destruction, and they meet in Hawaii, where Lilo lives with her sister who’s having a hard time trying to make ends meet while providing a good environment for her little sister. There’s family drama and interplanetary adventures. And classic songs by the King. And did I mention Hawaii? Lilo & Stitch really has it all.

What are your favourite Disney films? Any one you totally dislike?

Happy Friday!



7 thoughts on “Five on Friday: my favourite Disney films

  1. I love this list so much!! Little Mermaid is a beautiful film 🙂 And beauty and the beast has definitely stood the test of time. I really love Frozen too! And Lilo and Stitch is seriously underrated! Zootopia is the only one I haven’t seen and I’m really keen for it now.

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