Five on Friday: my favourite films

Hello there! And happy Friday! I can’t hardly believe that I am doing a five on Friday post for the third time in a row but hey, here we are. So maybe it is already time to consider this a weekly feature in this blog. Or maybe not; only time will tell. I don’t think it really matters.

What matters (to me, anyway) is that today I’m sharing my five favourite films of all the time. To be honest, though, I have had this list kind of set in stone for the past ten or fifteen years, and perhaps it could do with some updating as there some other films in here which I’m not so sure I love that much anymore and there might be others scoring higher in my list these days. Anyhow, here we go. Let’s take this trip down the cinematographic memory lane.


Gladiator, by Ridley Scott.

This is still my favourite film of all times. I have watched it countless times and I never mind watching it once more. I can quote most of it. I love everything about it. The story, the characters and the many twisted family relationships. Plus you get a glimpse of what ancient Rome might have looked like.

True story: I have never been too interested in anything Italian but when I went to Rome I was totally impressed by the mighty Colosseum. Not only because it is, well, impressive, but also because it is the place where most of the important moments in Gladiator take place. I have been wanting to go back to Rome ever since.



The Matrix, by The Wachowskis.

Ah, The Matrix. I liked it SO much that I watched it twice at the cinema. I also watched several times later at home. Everything about it was great and new. From Keanu Reeves as Neo to the special effects to the story itself. That being said, I haven’t seen this one in a long time and I’m no longer sure it’s still my cup of tea with so much violence and pointless shooting. Nevertheless, I still think that the whole philosophy behind The Matrix is very interesting and the more relevant to us as we approach the singularity.



Jurassic Park, by Steven Spielberg.

When Jurassic Park came out I was only eight years old so I didn’t watch it until many years later, when my parents deemed appropriate for my age and I wouldn’t be too scared of those giant, man-eating T. rexs. Though let’s be honest, the velociraptors were way more scary than the tyrannosaurus. But once I saw it, I loved it. Because what’s not to love about Jurassic Park? There are dinosaurs, an amusement park and a mathematician specialised in chaos theory.



Lost in Translation, by Sophia Coppola.

Many people are puzzled when I talk about how much I like this one as they don’t really understand what going on during most of the film. There’s Scarlett Johansson alone in a hotel where she meets an older guy who seems to be tired of life and they go out and have some fun in Tokyo. Then they kiss goodbye and go separate ways.

I think that most people simply miss the point of this film. Forget about Tokyo and the trailing spouse and the film star past his sell date. What Lost in Translation is really about is life and the chance encounters that shape us and make our time on earth worthwhile.



Doctor Zhivago, by David Lean.

One of the reasons I might like this is because it is set in Russia and takes place during one of the most violent, confusing and absurd periods of Russian history. Doctor Zhivago tells the story of a poet at heart and doctor in the real life who falls in love with a young nurse and deserts his wife for her. Obviously the story is more complex than that. Otherwise there would be no need of three hours of film to tell such a mundane tale. But those three hours are totally worth it, for everything about this film is beautiful. From the costumes, to the fragile love affair, to the charismatic Larissa, to the white winterscapes.


And what about you? What are the films you love or loathe? Which films could you watch over and over again?


2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: my favourite films

    1. I haven’t seen that one in ages. I don’t have that much free time these days and it is rather long and definitely not one to watch with the toddlers around.


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