Five on Friday: some about me

I have always found those five on Friday posts rather entertaining and I thought that this was something that I could perfectly fit in this blog about books, literature, and everything in between. And because I am just starting, doing a five on a Friday post about me seems like a great way to let you know a bit more about me. So here we go.


I was born in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) and I lived there until I was 23. Though I went back for a couple of years after that, I have been living abroad ever since. Places I’ve called home include Antwerp (Belgium), Maastricht (the Netherlands), Dublin (Ireland), and Basel (Switzerland) where I still live.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I was’t bad but I didn’t particularly excel at it and I’m not even sure that my heart was 100% in it, which should definitely be a prerequisite when you commit to study something as complex as maths. Nevertheless, I may have liked it enough because later on I studied a Master’s degree in Econometrics.


Besides maths, I also like learning foreign languages, which as far as hobbies go, is a rather weird one. I started learning English when I was four, French when I was in middle school, German when I was in high school, I then learnt Dutch when I went to study abroad, and I have also tried learning Russian and Icelandic. Next on my list are Latin and Irish, though I don’t have that much free time for such time-demanding endeavours anymore.


I love reading and staying at home with a good book while it pours outside is one of my many definitions of happiness. Other things I enjoy, in no particular order, are travelling, hiking, cooking not-too-spicy food and eating ice-cream while watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory, or any film I deem worth wasting my time with.


I never drink coffee but yes, I love tea. I am currently typing this while sipping from a steaming cup of green tea with lemon. I usually have black tea with milk for breakfast and green tea gets me through the rest of the day.

So that’s me in a nutshell. And what about you?

Have a lovely weekend.


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